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Service: Online Course Buildout

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In this Service, Andy's Team Will Build Your Online Course. Done For You.

Here is what you get when you purchase this service:

In this complete done-with-you offer, AudateMedia will build your Online Course that will educate your subscribers on specific knowledge that will be shared in the Online Course. In addition to building your Online Course, AudateMedia will create the sales funnel, which includes sales landing pages, graphics, thumbnails, text message sequences, and email sequences to sell the Course 

With AudateMedia's guidance, the Client will record their Online Course Raw Files (on Zoom or with their DSLR Camera) and will upload up to 30 video files into AudateMedia's storage cloud.

To accomplish an Online Course Buildout, there are two setups that will be complete, #1 Setup the Online Course in the Learning Management System Platform (Progreda.com), and #2 Setup Sales Funnel that Markets and Sells Online Course to Subscribers.

Learn more about this ultimate done-with-you service today!